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Guido regurgitated a squid. Let's eat.

Story done (for now) and up on OWW, where whatever does not kill it makes it strong.

Opus is back! Life is good. "Oh, and I suppose you're where you thought you'd be in ten years?"

Actually, Opus, yes, I am, pretty much.

meaning: wheel, hoop

競輪 == keirin == bicycle race, road race
一輪車 == ichirinsha == unicycle, wheelbarrow

Left radical is 'vehicle' (車). The right radical is a character found only in Chinese meaning 'arrange/align neatly'. It is derived from a pictograph of a bundle of bamboo capped 'neatly'. Here it acts phonetically to express 'roll'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Vehicle has aligned and capped wheels.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Stroke order from Taka Kanji Database
Other info from Taka Kanji Database

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