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Amorphophallus titanum

The Corpse flower is opening! What, you don't know what a Corpse flower is? The Amorphophallus titanum, also known as 'Titan Arum, Corpse flower, and Bunga Bangkai' is a gigantic, foul-smelling flower in the Arum family. It is native to the tropics, and few are grown in the US. There have been only 15 previous blossomings of the Corpse flower in the US, but there is one going on now at the University of Wisconsin. This flower even has its own domain name! Geez, it's doing better than I am. It has its own webcam too, and you can track the flower's activities here:

This kinky little plant is both male and female, and this particular flower has already gone through its female stage. It is apparently poised to open for a second time, this time as a male.

And this being the web, you can buy Amorphophallus titanum T-shirts and posters, too. (Why not coffee mugs, like everyone else? I swear, Cafe Press, the guys behind a lot of the t-shirts and mugs that every site seems to hawk, may have one of the few viable business models left on the web.)

Anyway, this is a very weird and cool plant. If you're into weird, cool plants, that is. Someone tell Lenny, btw, because I don't think he reads my journal, and he had a North American Arum species in his backyard a few years ago, and didn't know what the hell this weird looking thing was, at first.

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