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Review: Starbucks 'Coffee Almond Fudge'

Starbucks: 'Coffee Almond Fudge'

Executive summary: very good. I wanna get it again!

I'm getting out of my Ben & Jerry's rut, and trying some Starbucks ice cream. This is the age of 'brand extension', isn't it? If you've got a profitable and well-known brand, then try selling lots of other stuff with that brand's name on it. If you make a well-known car, for god's sake market playground sets and underwear and cordless drills with the same name! They must be good, too, right?

Brand extension is surely why this ice cream exists at all. While conceivably a coffee shop chain might make a good coffee ice cream, many of the Starbucks brand ice creams don't have any coffee in them at all. Why should they be able to make a good ice cream just because they make good coffee?   

Nevertheless, they do. This ice cream is described as being: 'Almonds and Fudgy Swirls Swimming in Cool Coffee'. 'Cool Coffee' ice cream, that is. The base ice cream seems less sweet than than the ice creams Ben & Jerry use, and the strong coffee flavor gives it almost a sharp taste. It's very good, very classy. The also not-too-sweet fudge swirls add to the effect, and make it sort of mocha. The almonds, unlike the peanuts in Ben & Jerry's 'Concession Obsession' were never stale, but fresh, crisp, and tasty. Maybe there should have been some more of them?

Net: I really like this ice cream. Its bold, clean flavors, and not-too-sweet style make it different, and more sophisticated. It gets a 7 or 8 on my scale of ice cream excellence.

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