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O Queen of Air and Darkness, I think 'tis truth you say

Today is September 30. Tomorrow will be September 31. Well, okay, maybe not.

But it should be. It's a gorgeous fall day out there today, and it's a shame there aren't more of them. I propose we swipe some of February and stick them on the end of September. Of course, February has already been raided by the Caesars to provide extra days for July and August, which they named after themselves, so let's pile on and take some more of February to make for a longer September, which I propose to rename 'Slithy', in honor of this excellent idea.

February, of course, will join a victim support group and agitate for legislation to cut off Federal funds to anyone who disses February. Either that, or it will become embittered by its misfortunes, start drinking heavily, abusing substances, get arrested for petty crime, and eventually wind up in the slammer.

I can just see February, wearing ill-fitting prison garb, trudging around the exercise yard of some Federal pen in a bleak northern state, smoking cigarettes and talking like a character in an A.E. Housman poem.

meaning: preach, explain
小説 == shousetsu == novel, story
学説 == gakusetsu == theory

The left radical is 'word/speak' (言), right radical is a non-General Use character meaning 'exchange' or 'barter', composed of 'scatter/disperse' (八) and 'speaking person' (兄). Henshall suggests taking 兄 in its current meaning as 'elder brother', and as a mnemonic: 'Elder brother disperses words, preaching away.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Stroke order from Taka Kanji Database
Other info from Taka Kanji Database

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