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My C: drive has rapidly deteriorated, to the point that the BIOS won't even recognize it as a drive. Ick. I had hoped it might just be a bad sector in a bad place (like the middle of the Win2K install), but when it isn't even responding to the BIOS, my bet is that it's a problem with the electronics.

My plan is to keep the PC in the refrigerator from now on. My plan to to spend tonight installing a new drive, installing Win2K, doing MSFT's endless security updates, and reinstalling all my software. Instead of catching up on my crits as I was planning.

Darn. This is only the second drive I've had die in the time I've used PC's, since around 1986. The first was an ESDI (Remember them? No? Never mind, then.) that I actually sent to a hard drive repair place to have repaired. They sent it back saying nothing was wrong with it, and sure enough, when I reinstalled it, it was fine. Drives in the late '80's had this peculiar habit of having their spindles stick. The cure was to take the drive of the PC and rapidly spin it around its platters' axis, back and forth, with your hand. Then someone figured out that you could just leave the drive in the PC, pick the PC up, and turn it around. Yes, this was just as weird as it sounds. I think this is probably what happened to my drive, and I didn't recognize it. I did the trick with picking up the PC and spinning it around at work, a year or two after that, and everyone looked at me strangely, but damn if it didn't fix the drive problem.
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