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R.I.P. i-drive

i-drive, a free internet file saving/sharing service, is closing down its free operations. I just received an e-mail from them stating that June 18th, it would be all over, please straighten out your affairs before then, sir.

I don't have any files left on i-drive that I care about; I stopped using them a few months ago because the service became unreliable. I switched to xDrive. Then xDrive went to a pay-only model. I now use FreeDrive. I don't use it much. In fact about the only thing I use it for is to transfer scanned images from home to work. (I scan pictures of my co-workers' kids and put them up on the nurse's station PC screensaver. They say it helps their morale at work to see pictures of their kids flash by.)

Given the way things are going, though, I suspect FreeDrive's days are numbered. A lot of the free stuff on the net is going away, because the internet advertising model that was supposed to support it—banner ads—failed last fall, nothing has appeared to replace it, and you just can't give away content, or disk space, for nothing.

Ah, well. It was nice while it lasted.

I suspect that 'free' drivespace on the net will be back eventually, in some form. I can envision, for example, giving away 20 meg of free space for a year, in return for purchasing at least $50 of stuff a year from them. But who knows how it will be structured.

In the meantime, i-drive, it was nice to have known you.
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