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Rules for Right Living, # 243:

After making a dish involving the handling of hot peppers, do not absentmindedly scratch your crotch.

I'm taking down my irc fserve. It's been an interesting experiment, but it's time to go. Why? A couple reasons. My interests have been drifting away from anime over the last year or so. Part of the problem is too much exposure. When you can download every new show as it comes along, you realize how much anime is simply crap. I mean, Eva and Utena are glorious, but shows that good only come along once a decade at best. Uh, okay, two a decade. ^^

About half of fansub distros in the last six months have moved off irc and onto Bittorrent. I have mixed feelings about this. It's nice not to have to wait in line, and BT must be very nice for people on modems, but it's painful to upload at 10 kBps and download at 2, which I see a lot. Stuff I should be able to get in a hour or two off an xdcc bot can take a day or longer on BT. Ouch. And stuff scrolls off BT even faster than it does off the xdcc bots. But it looks like BT is here to stay. I'll still probably use it to sample new shows. And there is no advantage in BT to being voiced or running an fserve, everyone shares and shares alike.

Finally, being an fserve seems to slow my connection a lot, depending on whom I'm ul'ing to. Like, a 768 kbps downlink becomes a 175 kpbs one. Owowowowowowow. I don't know enough about networking issues to know what exactly is happening here, but I suspect my fserve upload is using up bandwidth that the download needs for its acks and naks. Or something like that.

So when the current queue is done, sometime later today, the fserve comes down, and I revert to leecher status. In the past six months, Sysreset (my fserve macro) reports that I've served 249.98 GB of anime. Hope everyone enjoyed what they got, but for me, it's time to close up shop and 'pursue other interests'.

naga(reru), naga(su)
meaning: flow, stream
流行 == ryuukou == fashionable, fad, in vogue, class
下流 == karyuu == downstream, lower classes

Originally a pictogram of an inverted child dripping amniotic fluid (right 'water' radical), meaning 'flow of fluid at birth'. The bottom right radical may represent dangling hair. Now this character means 'flow' in a broader sense. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Hair and water flow as a child is born.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Stroke order from Taka Kanji Database
Other info from Taka Kanji Database

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