Be wise. Be brave. Be tricky. (slithytove) wrote,
Be wise. Be brave. Be tricky.

Waxworks and gramophones

Until we learn the use of living words we shall continue to be waxworks inhabited by gramophones.

—Walter de la Mare, English poet and novelist, The Observer, May 12, 1929

meaning: medicine, drug
薬局 == yakkyoku == pharmacy
麻薬 == mayaku == narcotic drug, opium

Top radical is 'plant', bottom is 'pleasure' (楽), acting phonetically to express 'cure'. Thus, 'curative plant', originally an herbal medication. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Medicinal plant gives pleasure.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Stroke order from Taka Kanji Database
Other info from Taka Kanji Database

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