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Review: B&J's Concession Obsession ice cream

Ben and Jerry's: 'Concession Obsession'

Executive summary: Not great, but not bad.

This ice cream is described as being: 'Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Featuring Non-Pareils, Fudge-Covered Crisped Rice Candy, Peanuts Dipped in Fudge & a Caramel Candy Swirl'. That's pretty much what it is. The tastes meld fairly well, although maybe there should have been more 'fudge-covered crisped rice candy', i.e., Nestle's Crunch. The ice cream is not the usual vanilla white, but a creamy light tan color, shot though with tiny dark specks. I suppose those dark specks are bits of vanilla bean.

Sidebar: Visible flecks of vanilla bean are apparently expected in vanilla ice cream by people in the Philadelphia area, but elsewhere they aren't, and the suspicious ice-cream eater is likely to consider them dirt, and reject the ice cream for that reason. Because of this, vanilla ice creams are formulated differently for the Philadelphia market than for elsewhere. Or so I hear. 

The caramel adds a nice bit of extra sweetness. The peanuts may be problematic. There was some element in this ice that had a distinct 'stale' taste, and it may have been the peanuts. That downgrades it a bit.

Net: not bad. I'm not sorry I bought it, but probably won't be getting it again. Maybe a 5 or 6 out of 10 on my scale of ice cream godliness.

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