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After several days of intermittent rain, things cleared out over the last 24 hours. I went out for a jog at 5:30 a.m. The sky was light, but the sun was not up yet. Mist lay between the trees, over the grass, and on the ponds. The air was cool, and moist, and slightly scented with flowers. The azaleas are on their way out, now, and the blossoms are falling off the rhododendrons. Rhizomatous irises are in full flower, the bulbous irises having already finished.

I startled my blue heron, and he flapped off across the meadow. In the farm ponds on my running route, there are several geese families with two or three goslings each, but they're not up yet, and the ponds are still, and empty. At this hour, there are few cars, and I have the road pretty much to myself. The sun broke above the horizon, a fat yellow-orange ball glimpsed through the trees, after I had passed the halfway point and started back.

When I got back home after my four fairly hilly miles, I still felt good, as though I could go on running forever. There are few days like that, but this was one of them.

By early afternoon the day has warmed up to the low 70's, and the air is still dry. Sun comes intermittently through scattered clouds. This is as nice weather as we're likely to see until autumn. As we head into summer, it will get hotter and more humid, and will stay that way until late September or early October. Weather this good should be enjoyed while it lasts.

I've spend too much time writing this. As I've been writing, it's clouded up, and now there's thunder, and the rain is beginning to pelt down the roof. But that's okay, it's time for me to sleep. Good night!
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