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Words: Two

Another new word. This comes under the category of 'do we really need this word':

felch(fÇlch) Obscene
v. felched, felch·ing, felch·es.
v. intr. Informal

1. To suck or lick one's own semen from one's sexual partner's anus or rectum.

What is most disturbing, I think, is that there is a single, short word for such a complex action.

Sort of like 'defenestrate'. What in god's name were they thinking? Do we really need a single word to describe the action of throwing someone out of a window? Or to describe the action of killing one person in ten, which was the original meaning of 'decimate'?

And what about Japanese? What kind of culture produces a word to mean 'practicing one's swordsmanship by killing random travelers at a crossroads'?

Tsuji giri, if you were wondering.

I learned that word from someone on alt.religion.kibology, who said that the English translation of tsuji giri is 'alpha release version'.

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