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Learned a new word the other night. Or rather, an old word that may be evolving into a new use:

adj. Informal

1. Able to perform well under difficult or challenging circumstances: Let's go see this new stand-up comic, I hear he's really clutch.
2. Characteristic of actions performed under difficult or challenging circumstances: He gave a clutch performance for the Broncos tonight.

This usage is apparently common among young people in the Philadelphia area. My unit clerk recently heard it from her teenage son. I don't know whether it is national or not, yet. Or whether it will ever be: many local usages just stay local, or even die out.

Adjectives with positive connotations also tend to degenerate into meaning 'good', with their more subtle meanings rubbed off. 'Cool', for example, besides meaning chilly, relaxed, and jazz that is restrained and fluid and marked by intricate harmonic structures often lagging slightly behind the beat, also just means 'good'.

In a few years will we be talking about clutch cheeseburgers, or clutch movies?

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