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Just say 'No' to Salvia Divinorum

"Ken experienced anal rape by alien alligators, and dropped out after his high dose."

From the report of a subject using the still-legal-in-the-USA hallucinogen Salvia Divinorum
but it's no longer legal in Australia, go figure

Elsewhere in the news, the background images on my LJ page stopped showing up. Ah, it's a glitch with my Verizon disk space, I though. But it went on for several days. WTF? Then I thought about it a moment... and changed the URL's from to Yep. That was it. Verizon finally let the old domain expire. And thus endeth an era. A short era, of course, the 'Bell Atlantic' name only dated from the break-up of Ma Bell.

meaning: hone, refine
研修 == kenshuu == training
研究者 == kenkyuusha == researcher

Left radical is 'stone' (石), right radical was originally a pictograph meaning 'two stakes of identical size'.. Henshall suggests taking the right radical as two 'forked sticks' (干), and a mnemonic:  'Hone stone with two forked sticks.'

Stroke order:
Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)

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