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The coalition forces in Iraq have begun to meet resistance. After two days of almost unchecked advances, news sources are characterizing this as a 'setback'.

That's not a setback. This is a setback.

From the description of the aftermath of Vilna:

There the bodies are heaped, and in several places where the wretches had gathered in houses, they were burnt to death inside without having the strength to get out. I have seen houses in which more than fifty corpses lay together, and among them three or four men were still alive, stripped to their shirts in fifteen degrees of frost.
Seven thousand five hundred bodies were piled like pigs of lead over one another in the corridors; carcasses were strewn about in every part; and all the broken windows and walls were stuffed with feet, legs, arms, hands, trunks and heads to git the apertures, and keep out the air from the yet living. The putrefaction of the thawing flesh, where the parts touched and the process of decomposition was in action, emitted the most cadaverous smell.

There will be scenes like this in Iraq. There may be scenes like this already.

One day, war will be no more, a vanished horror known only to history, like the human sacrifices of the Aztecs, or the living entombment of hundreds of the living with the dead kings of Ur. People will read accounts like the one above and wonder whether the people who perpetrated this were even of the same species as they.

The solution to war, I think, is democracy. Democracies do not war on each other.  There may be exceptions to this rule, but they are rare. No matter how irritable the Americans and the French may be with each other, there is zero chance there will be a war between us. Over the past two hundred years, democracy has been spreading slowly around the globe. When that spread is complete, war between nations will be over.

Speed the day.

I had some funny stuff to post, but it's just not the time.

meaning: dark, gloomy
明暗 == meian == light and dark
暗殺 == ansatsu == assassination

Left radical is 'sun' (日), right is 'sound' (音), acting phonetically to indicate 'shade'. Thus, 'shaded sun', or darkness/gloom. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Sun goes dark, accompanied by sound.'

Stroke order:
Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Dicionário de Kanji

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