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Cow of Frankenstein

"What would you want beef neckbones for?" one of the nurses wondered, while reading the grocery advertising section in the paper. "Soup," replied another. No. The real answer, of course, is so that you can build a Frankenstein's Cow. 

Put together steaks, and shoulders and chops and ox-tail and neckbones and maybe a calf's head, sew it all together, and raise it up to the ceiling of your kitchen laboratory so that the lightning can infuse it with new life. I imagine making a Frankenstein's chicken is somewhat easier; after all, most of the parts are there already, except the head and the feet. Chicken feet should be available at Chinese groceries (they're a dim sum item, after all), and heads... well, heads are optional with chickens, and probably can be dispensed with. Around the holidays, with ducks and geese appearing in your grocer's frozen food case, other varieties of Frankenstein's poultry can be imagined. Most supermarkets should even be able to provide a whole piglet at Christmastime, if you place an order in advance, making a Frankenstein's piglet a piece of cake.

You could create from materials readily available at Acme or Piggly-Wiggly, if you wished, an entire Frankenstein's farm, a monstrous barnyard of reanimated cows and goats and sheep and chickens, all milling around with blank staring eyes, all held together with suture and staples, and all with rivets in their necks. Frankenstein's fish salvaged from the seafood case would in the farm pond, and perhaps for realism even the reanimated frozen corpses of rats and mice would infest the barn.

meaning: sword
大刀 == daitou == long sword
小刀 == kogatana == pocket knife

From a pictograph of a curved sword. The sword this depicts (when it was first written in ancient China) was broader than the katana we associate with Japan. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Broad-bladed sword.'

Stroke order:
Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Dicionário de Kanji

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