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Home theater pics: final

With the arrival of the seating, home theater is finished. Actually, the chairs arrived two months ago, I've just been very lazy about posting photographs of them.

In a sense, a home theater is never really finished. It's not a room, it's a hobby. Like an FPS gamer, or a model railroader, your setup is never static. There's always something new to try, the latest tweak to implement, to see if you can make it just a smidgeon better. There are a few very wealthy guys out there who pay a designer to build them a turn-key theater, and then never touch it, but I suspect they're in the minority. Most of the users of HT sites like the AV Science forums seem to be guys of average income, who do most of the work themselves, and are always on the look-out for the latest new idea to make their set-up just a little better, guys who are devoted to squeezing the last bit of performance out of the AV gear they can afford.

My HT looks and sounds pretty nice now... but it still needs an ISF calibration, I need to play with speaker placement, and there's this new hacked video card I want to try...

As I've said before, the digital camera is on full auto here, and the wide open lens makes the colors wrong: the whole scheme is much darker than it appears in these photos. The top half of the walls is a medium gray, the bottom half is a dark gray with just a hint of maroon (not pink, as it appears here), the carpet is dark charcoal to black, the front wall that holds the screen is black fabric (not blue, as the photo seems to indicate).


I use a home theater PC to play DVD's and to de-interlace and scale NTSC material from external sources, so the first screen you see on boot-up is the familiar Windows desktop. There's been some work by hobbyists on Linux-based HTPC's, but I don't know how far it's gotten. BTW, this image seems dimmer than the Matrix shot just below because of the vagaries of the digital camera's F-stop/shutter speed combo. No settings were changed. And the light band in bottom fifth of the screen isn't a burned CRT tube, but just the scanning bar; the camera not being synch'ed to the CRT's.


The Matrix: "Dodge this!"


Lord of the Rings: one pissed-off half-elf. "If you want him, come and claim him!" For some reason, all my attempts to do LotR screenshots came out too contrasty. The colors actually look fine.


As gorgeous as Adolescence Apocalypse is on a large screen, it does make you realize that this was an unfortunately soft transfer, compared to many others. Fairly clean of artifacts, though.


Akira: Tetsuo Agonistes. And where the hell did she get those shorts? Akira is a good transfer, except for some minor edge enhancement, chiefly visible where very dark-colored objects are superimposed on light areas. 


Well-made digital fansubs look very good, better than many anime DVD's. *cough*Video Girl Ai*cough* This one is from the a.f.k./hikarinokiseki subbing collaboration. And did you know that the manga of Princess Tutu is now running in a shounen comic? WTF? (BTW, this shot is slightly blurry not because of a bad transfer, but because it's that way in the original: it's a dream sequence.)


Born to live in glory and passion. Rose of Versailles is a very old show, and shows it in the limited cel count, but the colors and sharpness seem to hold up very well, and show that twenty-year-old film transferred to DVD doesn't have to look lousy. (Converted to digisub by the Live-Evil subbing group.)

A while ago, xaosenkosmos asked what equipment I had in the rack. I misunderstood his question, told him what kind of rack it was (Middle Atlantic), and never got back with the equipment list. So, here it is, in no particular order is my current equipment list (not all is in the rack, of course)

Projector: Sony 1272
Screen: Stewart Studiotek fixed screen, 80 x 45, 1.3 gain
HTPC: 750 MHz Pentium III
  Video card: Radeon 7200
  Sound card: Sound Blaster Live, with daugherboard
  for safe S/PDIF output
Receiver: Nakamichi AV-10
DVD: Pioneer DV-C503, hacked to be multi-region
LD: Pioneer CLD D704
  B&W CDM 7SE mains
  B&W CDM CSE center
  B&W DS7 surrounds
  Paradigm Servo-15 subwoofer
HDTV receiver: Motorola HDD 200
RGBHV switcher: Extron SW 2 AR HVxi
Signal enchancer (for 40 ft. RGB cable run): 
  Extron RGB 202 Plus, hacked for on/off switch

Intrinsic quality of this stuff varies from average to pretty good. The Nak receiver, DVD, and VHS decks are okay equipment, but nothing special. The B&W speakers aren't Nautilus, but still decent speakers. The Paradigm subwoofer is a very good subwoofer. The LD is a very good LD deck, but LD is dead, dead, dead. The Stewart screen is probably the best you can buy for this sort of application. The projector is a good 7-incher, but not up to 8 or 9 inch liquid-coupled front-projection CRT's. It beats the pants off any digital display, of course. However, its resolution is better than DVD, which is all that's necessary. When true high definition video is readily available, I'll probably move up to a better projector.

meaning: bird
白鳥 == hakuchou == swan (white + bird)
鳥居 == torii == Shinto shrine archway

Originally a pictograph of a bird. Henshall suggests  as a mnemonic:  'Bird with wings and talons.'

Stroke order: sorry, Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy doesn't have this yet, and the Brazilian site is still down. If I had to guess, I'd guess:

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