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Tokidoki blue

Rather than replying to everyone individually, let me just say thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy about Slithy Tove's death. He didn't seem to be suffering at all. He just became very weak and listless at the end; human renal failure patients are the same. It's not painful.

I'm still sad today, thinking about him. Such a sweet cat. I'll get over it, eventually. But not just yet.

That's a good thing, I guess. But also a bad thing, in a way. It's good that we get over most sadnesses, eventually. It's even necessary. If we had to carry the full burden of every sadness, every loss and grief, through our entire lives, we'd never accomplish anything. We'd spend all our lives crying, overburdened with grief: life is very full of sadness, enough to fill all of us to the brim, if we let it. But it's bad, in a way, too. It means that all losses, almost, fade with time. And it seems wrong that that has to happen, even if it is necessary.

Life is just ruthless, sometimes.

meaning: time, hour
時代 == jidai == era, period
時々 == tokidoki == sometimes

Origin is obscure. Modern character has left radical of 'sun' (日), and right radical of 'temple' (寺). Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Tell time by sun on temple.'


"Tokidoki Blue" is one of my favorite songs from Kimagure Orange Road, a series noted for its music. Here are the lyrics.  I'm a little skeptical of the translation, though.

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