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Fightin' with bright lightning, frightened with five little white Vicodin pills bitin' him

Haven't updated in a couple of days. First was the DDoS attack, and my isp, Verizon, happened to be in the quarter of the net that LJ blocked. Sigh.

Then my elder cat's medical condition deteriorated badly. He's been at the vet most of the last ten days. Kidneys failing. If we can turn him around a little, he may have a few more months in him, but my guess is that that's it. A quarter of all male cats have serious kidney problems, that often end in death. My cat, Slithy Tove, is now 12. Not especially old for a cat, but his kidneys have caught up with him.

Then the questionable tooth I've been playing with for the last couple months started to hurt really badly, resulting in two urgent root canals yesterday (the tooth beside it was also bad). Oh, joy. Still hurts. Naproxen (Alieve) is helping, but not entirely. Wondering whether I should go to Vicodin. Last time (and only time) I ever used narcotic pain meds was 30 years ago, a Darvon prescribed by the student health service for an earache.

It's been raining, and the snowpack around here is diminishing. Still a good foot on the ground, but the edges are all sculpted and melty looking, sort of like early 90's cars.

My Rosetta Stone Arabic course arrived from Amazon. Alert Operation TIPS.

In other news, if you are a cyborg, when you die you should be either buried, or cannibalized for parts. Do NOT cremate. It's an explosion hazard. Sweden is already having serious problems in this area. Yeah, via Fark, so sue me.

Pacemakers are sometimes salvaged and re-used in developing countries. I don't see why we couldn't do the same thing with breast implants. They have the added advantage of not having batteries to run out. Why, they could be re-used for generations.

I finally got off my butt and fixed the networking on the PC in my home theater, so I can play digisubs off my IRC/fserve machine upstairs. Watching Princess Tutu at 60 by 45 inches with a good sound system is really impressive. The digisub is pretty sharp, too, even blown up that large. It's odd. The routine parts, such as Ahiru running from her dorm to the classroom building at the start of Episode 1, don't really benefit from the added screen size. But the set-piece dance sequence with Mute that follows is just really, really impressive: quick cuts back and forth, dramatic composition of light and shadow, superimpositions, it's all just overwhelming in effect when seen on large screen.

Had a patient last night, young woman, who while at work snorted something she thought was cocaine. Found unconscious. Responded to Narcan.

Something eerily familiar about that. Life imitates art.

No, we didn't give her intracardiac epinephrine, which was a really, really stupid idea.

So the Alieve is working six hours less than the manufacturer's literature claims (sorry, this is just not a q 12-hour drug, folks), and I decided to try the Vicodin. So far, my tooth feels a little better, and... oooh, look at the pretty colors...

meaning: make
原作  == gensaku == original work
作品 == sakuhin == a work

Left radical is 'person' (人), right is a Non-General Use character borrowed phonetically to express 'while', but which originally meant 'make'. (Huh?) It is derived from a pictograph of an adze being used on wood. The character apparently originally represented the making of a false 'person', a dummy, out of wood. Henshall suggests taking the right radical as a saw, and as a mnemonic:  'Person with saw about to make something.'


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