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From William Gibson's blog:


Good ones are to novels as bonsai are to trees.

Might as well go ahead and grow the tree.

It’s easier to pay the rent with trees.

And verthandi, you will like his comments on Bladerunner.

In general, Gibson's blog is fascinating. He confirms, for example, the Alien III script that has been floating around the net forever, attributed to him, is, in fact, largely by him (although in very abridged form). What a damn, damn, damn shame Gibson's version was never made into film, instead of the piece of nihilistic garbage that Alien3 turned out to be. (Me, bitter? Grrrr...)

And he likes Tom Disch's On Wings of Song, a very cool/creepy/sophisticated and under-appreciated fantasy novel. Disch, as I've said before, is a very good but largely under-appreciated writer.

I'm also amazed that he likes Samuel R. Delaney's Dhalgren, and considers it one of the influences of Neuromancer. Ack. I thought Dhalgren was generally considered unreadable. Back in the 70's, when it was published, one sf fanzine took a poll of its readers, asking them how far they had made it through this ~850 page book. No one had finished it. Average reader gave up after 150-200 pages, but some poor guy made to within 50 pages of the end before throwing the book across the room.

meaning: shape, pattern
人形 == ningyou == doll
女形 == onnagata == male actor in female kabuki role

Left radical usually means 'well cover', but in this character is actually derived from a pictograph of a grille or lattice. Right radical is 'hairs'. Henshall suggests  as a mnemonic:  'Put hairs into pattern of well-frame.'


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