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Enigmatic, yes.

"It's loaded with narrative, but what the hell is the story?...and what the fuck does the person who just slammed on their brakes in that car pulling out there think about it all?" Not safe for work, parents, school, church, you know the drill.

I am not usually a fan of BDSM stuff, but the reverse cowgirl is right, this photo peculiarly intriguing. First, it's the juxtaposition of elements not usually found together. BDSM photos are a dime a dozen, at least on the net. Dreary suburban apartment complexes are common; most of us have lived in one at some time. But both together, in a an exterior shot, is very strange, a sort of merging of the intensely private with the very public, and the weird and strange with the bland and ordinary. The other unusual element is that the woman's (I think it's a woman) face is away from us, adding to the mystery. She is facing the same direction we are, and seeing what we are seeing. Instead of being presented to us as an object, an 'other', we are encouraged to take her side, so to speak. But what is 'her side'? What are we being encouraged to empathize with? It's a mystery.

From the reverse cowgirls' blog.

BTW, Juuni Kokki (see below) has been licensed by Media Blasters. Yay! Good show. Buy it. Watch it. We hope to show some episodes at ShoujoCon, if we can get permission from MB.

Does anyone else think that 'enigmatic' should mean a machine that generates enigmas?


meaning: chronicle, account
記者 == kisha == journalist
十二国記 == Juuni Kokki== Chronicle of the 12 Countries

Left radical is 'speak/words' (言), right is 'self/thread' (己), used phonetically to express 'sound', and also for the concept of 'end to end'. Hm. We, also, express the idea of a sequence of messages with the word 'thread'. Henshall suggests  as a mnemonic:  'Wordy account of oneself.'


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