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Sober words from dead white males in an advanced stage of decomposition

The fundamental purpose of the artist is the same as that of a scientist: to state a fact.

                    -- Sir Herbert Read (1893-1968)

soto, hoka, hazu(su)
meaning: outside, other, undo
外人 == gaijin == foreigner
外側 == sotogawa == exterior
Left radical is 'crescent moon' (夕), right radical originally represented the crack in a turtle shell. (Markings on turtle shells used in divination are some of the earliest forms of the Chinese pictographs that ultimately evolved into modern Chinese and Japanese characters. The turtle shells were heated, cracked, and the cracks interpreted in the same way patterns in tea leaves are interpreted.) The right radical still means 'divination' in Chinese. It is believed that because cracks formed on the outside of the shell, the meaning 'outside' became associated with this character. Henshall suggests  as a mnemonic:  'Crescent moon with crack on outside.'


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