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Crack whore blues

Last night in the ER sucked wombats. For amusement, at the end, the police brought in a 26-year-old drunken crack whore in a Catholic schoolgirl's uniform. OMGWTF!!!1

You know that story of people waking up in bathtubs of ice with their kidneys stolen? Well, I've just discovered it happened my whole damn body.

I was looking a myself in the mirror or the shower yesterday, and realized with a shock that someone has taken my brain out of its healthy and robust body, and replaced it with a 51-year-old worn-out piece of junk, with back pain, plantar fasciitis, an alarming and growing collection of unattractive skin-tags and moles, hairy ears, dewlaps, chronic sniffles in the winter, and various sagging bits here and there.

Dammit, I liked that body. It's wasn't the prettiest in the world, but it worked well, and I was used to it. Took it for granted, even. Now it's gone. THIEF, THIEF, BAGGINS, WE HATES IT FOREVER!

Another promising recipe has had less-than-exciting results: Pasta ai Quattro Formaggio. Not enough cheese for the amount of pasta, too much breadcrumb topping. But even in the wreck of this dish, there is something promising, and that is the interesting the combination of cheeses: 1 part Romano, 1 part Parmesan, 3 parts Gorgonzola, 4 parts Fontina. I'll try my usual iron-clad mac & cheese recipe with these cheeses and report back.

meaning: shell, shellfish
帆立貝 == hotategai == scallop
貝殻 == kaigara == seashell
Commonly believed to derive from a pictograph of a cone shell with feelers; early forms, however, show that it is a simplified drawing of a bivalve. Shells were once used as money, and this character frequently shows up in compounds meaning 'assets' or 'valuable items'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Shellfish with protruding feelers.


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