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I have a dream... but is it scalable?

A second recipe for Pasta Fagioli has resulted in a barely edible mess. I tried a recipe for this a year or so ago, and wasn't pleased with the results. Tried it again yesterday, a James Beard recipe this time, and it's just not all that great. I don't like the seasoning, and the mealy texture of the beans just doesn't go well with the firmness of the pasta. I know it's a classic dish, but... Okay, enough. Let's move on.

Other anime I'm giving up on:

Inu Yasha. Running on Cartoon Network. Heeeee? But this is from the master, Takahashi Rumiko herself! I dunno. It's just not doing enough for me. It's not as madcap as the first season of Ranma, not as romantic as Maison Ikkoku. And too much action for the sake of action, lots more than the manga. The voice acting is blah (but it was blah in the Japanese, too.) It's not a bad show, but I don't have the time for something that isn't all that interesting.

Mouse. Recently started in Japan, currently being fansubbed. 15 minute segments about a master art thief, who has a Clark Kent life as a mild-mannered art instructor. Unbelievable amounts of fan service. The show's females all have breasts of porn-star proportions, and all apparently inflated with helium, to judge from their dynamics. Ten minutes into this one I knew I wasn't going to be watching any more. Beyond silly.

Raimuiro Senkitan. ("Lime-colored soldiers"?) Recently started in Japan, currently being fansubbed. Five bishoujos operate steampunk robots during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). An interesting idea... but any show that opens with a pantyshot is doomed. I watched a few more minutes of it, but there was way, way too much cute girls being cute and too little anything else. Sorry, guys, I haven't been interested in girls' panties since I was 7. Try again.

On a more positive note...

I've seen the second episode of Wolf's Rain, and it's still pretty good. As with the Bones studio's other recent major project, Rahxephon, there are a ton of intriguing mysteries developing.

It looks like there are no interesting new shoujo shows this season. Sigh.

ki, ko-
meaning: tree, wood
木曜日 == mokuyoubi == Thursday
木立ち (also may be spelled 木立, pronounced the same)
== kodachi == grove
Pictograph of a tree with sweeping branches. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Tree with sweeping branches.'


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