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I desired dragons with a profound desire

ON an Emergency Medicine mailing list I subscribe to, one member asked the following question:

I am curious if other list members have received "thank yous" that go beyond the usual card, letter, or homemade baked goods.

It got several responses. Physicians on the list had received things like an afghan, a bushel of sweet potatoes, and a cake from grateful patients. And then there was this response: 

I once had a grateful assistant police chief offer to "take care of" any problems I might have with the law in his city. Thankfully, never had to take him up on it.

Oh, man, why do these things never happen to me? I mean, like everyone else I've always dreamed of starting my own little 'Murder for Hire' business, but I've worried that the cops might take a dim view of it. And that bully who made your life miserable in junior high? Wouldn't you love to leave a severed horse head in his bed? I know I would. And how about some gun-running, a numbers racket, or a white slavery ring? I don't know how many opportunities I've had to invest in one of those shipments of stolen Russian nuclear warheads going to North Korea or the Mideast, and I've always turned it down. Darn. And who hasn't dreamed of knocking over a liquor store or stealing a car when the mood hits, or taking out the whole City Council with a MAC-10?

And this guy says he 'never had to take him up on it'. Sheesh. What a waste!

meaning: writing, text
文学 == bungaku == literature
文部省 == Monbushou == Ministry of Education
Originally a pictograph of an intricately decorated collar; the idea of 'decoration' eventually extended to encompass writing. Henshall suggests taking the bottom part as a 'cross', and the rest as a 'top', and as a mnemonic:  'Cross is basic form of writing: try to top it.'


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