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Eat your pie, Ping

I'M about to give up on MetaFilter. Still worth browsing for the links, but the discussion of those links has become increasingly worthless, because it is increasingly dominated by cranks. Oh, well, time to move on. Still a worthwhile link and meme aggregator, along with Memepool, BoingBoing, and DayPop Top 40. No, not Fark, thank you. And most of Slashdot nowadays strikes me as either overly arcane, stupid, or redundant.

hai(ru), i(reru), i(ru)
meaning: enter, put in
入口 == iriguchi == entrance
入れ物 == iremono == iremono
A pictogram of an entrance to a dwelling. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Enter through inverted V opening.'


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