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Wolf's Rain

WOLF'S Rain, a much-anticipated new series, started its broadcasts in Japan on 1/6. Four different digisubbing group's already have subs of it on IRC. It's from Bones, which brought us the Bebop movie and Rah Xephon, and Yokko Kano and the Seatbelts are back to provide the score. Art from makes the art design look retro/cyberpunky/dystopian. As to what it's about, well, the site says it best:

The nail of the wolf hid that true form, was mistaken in the person and had lived. He the nest leading the punk boys who are eaten in the town, had lived by the fact that it robs the food of nobility. Is, but the blood of hot wildness the boiling and others せ is already the wolf of a head, the キバ appears before such a that. The human colluding, thing of the nail which chooses the fact that you live cannot permit the キバ, two people duel assuming mutual pride. But, the disturbance enters into game, the キバ the immediately after the that, attaches the wolf obstinately and is shot in the クエント of the hunter whom you aim. And 捕 and others it becomes the body of the crack in the police station which nobility manages, but * & *.

Well, that clears that up, doesn't it? Gotta love Babel Fish. The show's heroes seem to be werewolves, sorta.

It's downloading from irc now. We'll see.

Update, 12:55: I just watched the first episode, and it's pretty interesting. Great art, funkified sets, gorgeous animation, opens with a slam-bang action set-piece, as raiders board a speeding train. Some of the best TV animation I've seen; I wonder whether they can keep it up for the rest of the show. Character, theme? Too soon to tell. Excellent BG music, although the OP and ED don't do much for me. kimikohime, I think you'd like this! It's all about wolves!

In other news, my cold is a little better (thanks for all the get-well-soons!), and my home theater chairs are due in Monday morning.

meaning: insect, worm
青虫 == aomushi == caterpillar
田虫 == tamushi == ringworm
Originally a pictogram of a partially coiled snake with a broad hooded head (like a cobra). Henshall suggests taking the upper part as 'inside' (中), for the mnemonic:  'Coiled hooded snake: similar inside to insect.'


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