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A minor addition to my New Years Resolutions: I promise to avoid, in the future, saying 'cut to the core of the human condition.' or anything remotely similar.

Home theater progress. The carpet was installed yesterday. I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas yesterday in it. The carpet really does make a large difference in the sound quality, besides looking nicer.

The colors aren't all that well depicted in the photos, which tend to make the carpet look green. It isn't; it's charcoal. The walls are also aren't pink. The top half is medium grey, the bottom half a dark old rose kind of color. But the camera lens just opens up wide because of the relative low light conditions, and the colors get weird. (Note the two wall sconces in the first photo: they look like arc lamps. They actually provide minimal, ambient light; the f-stop and timing are just cranked wide open.) Maybe when everything is completed I'll fuss with the exposure a little to try to get a more accurate photo.

meaning: evening
今夕 == konseki == this evening
夕日 == yuuhi == evening sun, setting sun
Derived from the same pictograph as 'moon' (月), but without the cross bar which indicated the markings on the moon's face. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Clear moon indicates evening.'
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