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The Tarot of Peanuts

THIS is pretty cool: the Peanuts Tarot Deck. To his credit, the author not only did the Major Arcana, but the Minor Arcana as well.

Yes, folks, there was a time, back in the 1960's and 70's, when Peanuts was a very cool strip. Its humor often cut to the core of the human condition. George Schultz covered much the same issues as Flannery O'Connor, another Christian writer, in his own way.

Anyway, I like really like the tarot deck. The author has adapted the Rider-Waite deck to the Peanuts characters, with often hilarious results. I especially like The Hanged Man and The Wheel of Forture, with the Peanuts universe's equivalent of the Four Living Creatures. Of the Minor Arcana, the Nine of Swords/Spades and the Ten of Swords/Spades are both pretty dark... but they're dark in the Rider-Waite deck, too.

Update, 3:25 p.m.: Yes, it's Charles Schulz, not George Schultz, as many have pointed out. My due diligence sucks. That is all.

Oh, no! They arrested Bambi!
[both above links from Daypop Top 40]

Remember the Free Range Fruitcake? I promised to tell you how it came out.

And the answer is -- not bad, but not that good. Edible (I finished it off) but not good enough to bother making again.

I know there must be a good fruitcake recipe out there, somewhere. I'll keep plugging away, trying out a few more next fall. Maybe I'll find it eventually.

meaning: person, people
日本人 == nihonjin == Japanese
人間 == ninjin == human being
A pictograph of a standing person. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Headless, armless person.'
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