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2002 New Year Resolutions: final report

THE year is over. How did I do?

1. Less net, read more books
    See reading list already posted
    8/20: I'm not going to finish the reading list this year, but I've made a crack at it and started some other stuff besides. For the last couple of weeks I've been distracted by digital fansubs...
    12/31: Definitely not going to finish the list this year. I've been drifting back towards the net again. But I read a lot more this year than last. This resolution was completed to a degree that I'm fairly content with the results, though they were imperfect. To be continued next year.
2. Anime music video
     I've been working fitfully on a couple of music vids for the better part of a year. They got derailed a couple times by various things, most recently by my installing Win2K on my new machine, for which there are no drivers for my DC10+ capture board. Grrr. Pinnacle keeps promising drivers, and never delivering. But I've got a dual install, with Win 98SE, and there's no reason not to get going, I just have to get my butt in gear.
    8/20: No progress. Other stuff has been crowding it out. As I've mentioned, I've got no confidence in Pinnacle's Studio 7, and dread the idea of putting many hours into editing a video only to find that the software crashes on output (which has happened). Debating whether to get Adobe Premier. This resolution is on hold.
    12/31: Made one. It was... okay, for a first shot, I guess. More? Maybe. It won't be on my resolution list for next year. If I feel like doing it, I'll do it.
3. Finish home theater
    This should be fun, why am I being being so lackadaisical about it? I've been ditzing around with this project for about a year and a half. I got off the contract and deposit to my designer/architect guy six months ago, and then I had a road-to-Damascus experience regarding digital vs CRT. Since then I've been fussing with my Sony 1272, trying to make sure I know where all the pieces will go before I call in the guys with hammers and saws. But ripeness is all. The time is now! Forward! The final specs go out to the architect tomorrow, and the great project begins.
    8/20: No progress. This is dumb. I've got the plans in hand. Tonight! Will review the plans and start work on getting a contractor tomorrow.
    12/31: Done, except for the carpet, to be installed 1/2, and the seating... hm, it's months late, must call the seating place...
    A little later: called seating place. Where the heck are the chairs?!? They're going to look into it and get back to me. Eeeeeeggg.
4. Show up for work on time.
    Oh, this one is silly. Over the past year, I've developed the bad habit of showing up for work 5 or 10 minutes late, every day. No one has ever criticized me for it, but it must be annoying. All I have to is bestir myself to leave the house a little earlier, to drag out of bed 5 or 10 minutes earlier. But those silly bad habits are the toughest to correct, aren't they?
    8/20: This is astonishingly hard to do. I have the sort of procrastinating personality that refuses to do anything unless someone puts a gun to my head. "OMG I'm late for work!" is a gun.
    12/31. Imperfect, but improved. Still needs work. To be continued.
5. Eat more vegetables.
    8/20: No progress. :p
    12/31: Actually, this has improved. Not where I'd like to be, but improved.
6. Learn a kanji a day.
    Watch space below.
    8/20: I'm posting 'em, but I ain't learning them, mainly because I'm not getting in any Japanese reading, and you can't learn something if you don't use it.
    12/31: No change from 8/20.
7. Volunteer to work ShoujoCon.
    Going to their website as soon as I post this.
    8/20: Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Literally. Enjoyed it, and plan to do it next year.
    12/31: And the planning for 2003 ShoujoCon continues via very active e-mail lists.
8. Plant a rose garden
    I've been thinking of this one for a year or so. I'm reluctant to take on a big project that I'll tire of and let slide, but a rose garden would be really nice. If the deer don't eat it.
8/20: Not this year.
    12/31: Nope.
9. New resolution for 8/20: Answer all e-mail (for which a prompt answer is appropriate) within 48 hours, absent extenuating factors (unusually heavy work schedule, illness, other serious responsibilities, away from home, etc.).
    I've gotten slug-like about this over the past year. Must be fixed, it's rude not to answer quickly. If I can do this, I'll reduce it to within 24 hours 1/1/03.
    12/31: Ack. I'm worse if anything. Also to be continued in 2003.

ko-, o-, chii(sai)
meaning: small
小人  == shoujin/kobito == dwarf
小川 == ogawa == brook, stream
Originally a pictograph of 'three small points'. The middle one may have been enlarged to express the concept of 'division', i.e., making something smaller. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'A stroke divided into two small ones.'
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