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"Church of my fathers, why ever did I leave you?"

I am unscrewed.

After a very anxious night, I used R-Studio to copy the most important files from the RAID to C:, then did FIXMBR and FIXBOOT on the RAID. It worked. I'm back in business. Didn't have to reinstall. Could have fixed the problem in 10 minutes, if I had known what was wrong... but I didn't and I wanted to make sure I had a copy of any important files before I did something that might have made the RAID completely unreadable.

But it turns out all Disk Druid (may it burn in Hell) did was to trash the boot sector and try to replace the NTFS partition with a Ext2fs one.

yo(n), yo-
meaning: four
四月== shigatsu == April
四回 == yonkai == fourt times
This character originally meant 'breath' (vapors emerging from a 'mouth' (口), and was later used to mean 'four', possibly for phonetic reasons. Henshall suggests that it can be thought of as a image of fingers clenched in a fist, and  as a mnemonic:  'Four fingers in clenched fist.'
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