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The barter market in Love

Why is it so hard to find true Love?

The answer is in economics. Really. The problem is that Love is a barter market.

Barter markets are those in which goods are traded for goods, without the presence of 'money', per se. If I give you a sack of potatoes in exchange for a sack of corn, or if I give you a crate of chickens in exchange for you repairing my car, that's a barter market.

There's obviously a problem with this in a developed society. If I'm a carpenter, and I want a car, I have to find a car dealer who has exactly the car I want, and who just happens to need a new wing built for his house, which is about what the car is worth. Obviously, this is tough. The tremendous advantage of money is that you don't have to find someone who wants exactly the opposite of what you want, when you want it. You can sell your goods or services at leisure, give the money to the car dealer, and he can get carpentry work done if he needs it, or buy whatever goods he wants.

But Love is still a barter market. You have to both find someone who you love, and who loves you, at the same time. You have to find someone who wants exactly the reverse of what you want. It's like the the carpenter searching for the car dealer who really needs a new wing on his house. Yes, there may be one out there, somewhere, in the huge universe of car dealers, but it's going to be very difficult to find him.

No wonder it's so tough to find Love.

Actually, there is a non-barter market in Love, that uses money to make transactions easier. It's called 'prostitution'. It's always existed, and probably always will exist. However, most people find it unsatisfying. But the reason it exists at all is the high friction, high aggravation barter market in real Love, in which it so very difficult to find a buyer for what one is selling, and so difficult for her to find you...
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