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Review: Marhoromatic S2 and Kiddy Grade

I'V been watching a lot of digisubs lately. I've posted about the ones I've liked, but there were are few that didn't make the grade as well.

I'm giving up on the second season of Mahoromatic. Didn't see the first season, but I don't think it would make much difference. This show about Mahoro, a fembot who works for a Standard Shy Dorky Japanese Schoolboy as a maid, seems to be mainly about male-oriented fan-service and ecchiness. Plots are dumb, and heavily driven by ecchiness. Episode 4, for example, was about Mahoro's adventures with a vacuum device intended to enlarge the breasts. All the obvious jokes were made. Twice. The show's not porn, it's just very, very ecchi. And has no other redeeming values. Oh, the art and music are okay.

Kiddy Grade. Imagine Dirty Pair with pantyshots. No humor. The girls no longer have personalities. Nonsensical scripts. Not good nonsensical, just incoherent nonsensical. Creaky plots held together by dei ex machina's. Oh, and one of the Dirty Pair is underage, and running around in a teddy. I watched two episodes of this dog, but nope, no more. Kiddy Grade doesn't make the grade.

meaning: child
電子 == denshi == electron
子供 == kodomo == child
Originally a pictograph of a child in swaddling clothes, spreading his arms. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Long-armed child in swaddling clothes.'
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