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"Life is too short to edit video"

That's what Bill Machrone, a columnist for "PC Magazine" says. Six months ago or so he wrote an article describing his experiences trying to edit a video that his daughter and some schoolmates took. It took all night, never did get done very successfully, and he ran into all kinds of hardware and software incompatibilities.

I'm new to video editing, and I've got problems, too, but not incompatibilities. More like, "Must go faster!" I'm using a Pinnacle DC10+ video capture board with the Pinnacle software included with the board (which actually isn't bad), on a 400 Mhz PII system with 128M memory and a 14.4 GB disk.

So far I've got about 30 seconds of video, timed to music off a CD, and about 20 edits, that is, 20 different snips of video from about a dozen video captures. Things weren't bad up to about ten edits, but now things have slowed to a crawl, and I'm afraid that as I work my way toward the three minute mark, the sluggishness will increase to the point that the project is undoable. This isn't just an annoyance, rather the fact that the video skips and jumps and goes blank on play-back makes it almost impossible to precisely coordinate the images with the music, and lip-sync the characters to the lyrics, which is the point.

I've played with my hard disk cache, and unloaded everything from memory that I can, but I'm not sure it's any better. A lot of the problem seems to be not processor speed, but rather that the software pages to the hard disk constantly, because of lack of memory. I could get another 128 meg of memory and see if it helps...

Or I could get a new system. I've been pricing DIY Athlon T-bird-based systems. Dreaming... More of that later.
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