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Home theater progress. My god, it's actually starting to look like a theater! The projector is hung (the big box on the ceiling), the screen is up, the lights are all in place. The Lutron dimmer is working, and the sound system is operational. In the bottom photo at the far right you can see the equipment rack, which has been loaded up, although not all the connections have been made yet. All photos have been taken with existing light, no flash.

Note the elegant flooring and the luxurious seating.

>.< I've selected the carpet, but the carpet place can't find an installer to do it until after Christmas. In a way, that's good: the economy must be doing well if they're that busy. But it's annoying for me. Seating isn't finished yet, either; place I ordered it from says first or second week in December, but it's pointless to get the seats in without the carpet, so I may see if they can hold them until then.

Still, the thing is basically operational. We just hung the projector yesterday, and I spent the night converging and tweaking it. The result is very, very nice.

They're working on the trim today, and for the next couple of days. Then it's just a long wait for the carpet and chairs.




meaning: clan, family
家族 == kazaku == family
民族 == minzoku == race
Originally a pictograph of an arrow under a streaming banner tied to a pole. Perhaps this represented the battle accoutrements of a clan or tribe. Henshall suggests taking the left radical as 'side' (方), and the upper radical as 'person' (人), for a mnemonic:  'Person with arrow in side is one of the clan.'



meaning: suitable, fit, go
適当 な== tekitou na == suitable
適性 == tekisei == aptitude
Outer radical is 'movement'. Right radical is a character only found in Chinese meaning 'base/starting point'; it is a variant of 'emperor/altar' (帝). Henshall suggests taking the right radical as a combination of 'emperor and 'old' (古), and as a mnemonic:  'Move in manner befitting old emperor.'


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