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Taihen qua!

JUSTsay 'No' to Bose. Bose speakers may be the best known brand to many people, but ask an audiophile about them, and be prepared for flames. Is this just snobbery and elitism? This guy walks you through why Bose speakers are a very poor choice for the money, Bose's deceptive marketing practices, and even gives you a list of better alternatives.

I consider Bose to be an example of market failure. I am a free-market oriented kind of guy, but even I will admit that markets aren't the appropriate medium for every social interaction, and that even within their proper sphere, there are occasional market failures. Bose seems to be one. Normally, bad products fail: you may be impelled by good marketing to buy a bad cereal or a bad brand of shirt once, but if you don't like it, you never buy it again. The word gets around that it's a bad product, it doesn't sell, and eventually disappears from the market. 

The problem with speakers, I guess, is that:

  • you don't buy them very often;
  • they're expensive, and it may be difficult to back out of the purchase;
  • individual preference is very subjective, so reviews by experts or recommendations of your friends are of limited value; 
  • it's very difficult to compare between two brands fairly, and almost impossible to do an A/B comparison. 

Bose seems to prey upon that last item specifically, and to unfairly rig its speaker demos in stores. Older audiophiles will tell you that in the early 70's, Bose was a respectable company, and produced truly innovative speakers that compared well with other good brands of the time. However, sometime in the mid to late 70's, the company decided there was more money in marketing cheaply made speakers at high prices, than in selling good speakers for a fair price.

noko(ru), noko(su)
meaning: leave, cruelty, harm
残念 == zannen == regrettable, too bad, a pity
残る == nokoru == be(come) left behind, remain, stay on
Left radical is 'death/bare bone'. Right is a Non-General Use character meaning 'lance/halberd', showing two halberds. It often has such meanings as 'cut', 'pierce', 'kill', 'menace', and so on. Here, in combination with the left radical, it means something like 'kill someone cruelly by cutting them to the bone'. 'Remain/leave' may be a borrowed meaning. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Two cruel halberds leave only bare bone.'


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