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The choice of NASCAR

MY Thanksgiving bird is in the oven. A Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster. The Choice of NASCAR.

Huh? Yep, the package really did say 'The Choice of NASCAR' with the NASCAR logo. This is just...odd. Liking picking up a beer, and seeing 'The Official Beverage of MoMA'. Or your lawnmower being approved by the Imaging Science Foundation. I just don't get the connection between NASCAR and chicken. I can see NASCAR cars having Purdue logos on them, they're totally promiscuous with their sponsors, anyone can sponsor a stock car. Viagra, anyone? But what does NASCAR know about chicken? Probably about as much as Viagra knows about stock car racing.

Is this a new trend? That seals of approval are totally random, I mean. If we all decide that they are, that it's all just about money and getting your logo in front of more eyeballs, maybe that's a good thing. We can all just relax, let the logos become ground rather than figure, and not notice that our toothpaste is the choice of Goodyear, or our oatmeal is the approved breakfast food of Haggar Slacks.

I took down my previous post for today, on the theory that it was just too negative for Thanksgiving. But then this one turned negative, too. I dunno, maybe I'm just in a negative mood. But I feel fine, not angry with the world, or anything. Maybe I'm just accidentally running into a lot of stupid stuff today.

ta(tsu), ta(teru)
meaning: build, erect
建設 == kensetsu == building
建物 == tatemono == building
Left radical is 'movement', right radical is a variant of 'hand holding brush' (書). Said to originally refer to the position of a brush when writing: erect. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Hand holds pen erect.'


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