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Review: Ice cream

I was looking for my weekly fix of saturated fat, and found a new Ben & Jerry's flavor in Acme's ice cream case: "Southern Pecan Pie".

Executive summary: okay, but not great. Enjoyed it, but probably won't buy it again.

I like a good pecan pie, although they're difficult to find in in the North, and I haven't had one for many years. I had high hopes for this ice cream, which were somewhat disappointed. The package describes it as 'Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Golden Roasted Pecans, Chunks of Pecan Pie Pieces and a Pecan Carmel Swirl'.

The ice cream seems weakly flavored to me, not very reminiscent of brown sugar. The pecan pie pieces are too few and far between, with too few actual pecan meats. The swirl is okay, but doesn't redeem the rest, and seems very sweet, but with too mild a taste.

In short, this ice cream is sweet and rich, but lacks interesting flavor.

I'm not unhappy I bought it, but I probably won't buy it again. If you're looking to replicate the pecan pie experience in an ice cream, this won't do it for you.

[Coda: About Pecans. Besides in classic Southern Pecan Pie, I like pecans in general. Häagen-Dazs Butter Pecan is one of my two favorite flavors of ice cream (Häagen-Dazs Rum Raisin is the other). Pecans are native to the New World, the Mississippi River basin in particular, and as a result, don't show up in classic pastry recipes based on European sources. I really think the pecan is under-appreciated outside of North America, which is a shame. When making pastry, I often substitute pecans when a recipe calls for hazelnuts, which I've never liked the taste of, for some reason.]
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