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In harmony with the cosmic sea

If dogs run free, then why not we
Across the swooping plain?
My ears hear a symphony
Of two mules, trains and rain.
The best is always yet to come,
That's what they explain to me.
Just do your thing, you'll be king,
If dogs run free.

If dogs run free, why not me
Across the swamp of time?
My mind weaves a symphony
And tapestry of rhyme.
Oh, winds which rush my tale to thee
So it may flow and be,
To each his own, it's all unknown,
If dogs run free.

If dogs run free, then what must be,
Must be, and that is all.
True love can make a blade of grass
Stand up straight and tall.
In harmony with the cosmic sea,
True love needs no company,
It can cure the soul, it can make it whole,
If dogs run free.
IF DOGS RUN FREE (Words and Music by Bob Dylan) 1970, 1976 Big Sky Music
  1. THIS song has been going through my head for some reason. The fifth line of the second stanza is one of my own misheard lyrics. I thought it was "Oh, winds which brush my tail to thee..." Hey, we're talking about dogs, right? I had imagined two dogs standing side by side on the 'swooping plain', whatever that is, their tails being brushed together by the wind, probably the same wind that was beginning to howl in All Along the Watchtower. It was kind of cool. Heck, I still like it better than Dylan's version, so thptpth!
  2. For those of you who don't know the song, the lyrics are spoken rhythmically, not sung, and together with the richness of rhyme this sort of makes this song a prehistoric ancestor to rap and hip-hop, as are the 'talking blues' in general, I guess. No, William Shatner's cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds doesn't count.
  3. When I was a teenager, I loved Dylan. I still do, but when I actually read his lyrics, I realize how really bad they are. As least in 'If Dogs Run Free' his rhymes aren't as horribly forced as Dylan's rhymes usually are. And what are we to make of 'In harmony with the cosmic sea?' He can't be serious, can he?
  4. If dogs run free, then why not we?

Home theater progress. The black stuff (with the tufted appearance) which has been mounted on the wall behind the screenwall, and the lower part of the sidewalls is a special sound-absorbent material, Johns-Manville Insul-Shield. You can see the speaker cables coming down behind the screenwall, and a blue cat5 that will carry the signal from an IR pickup to a repeater. The white stuff on the top of half of the side walls (far left) is just polyester batting. Next major step is mounting fabric over the walls, and over the front frame that defines the screen wall. That will probably happen this coming Tuesday. The ceiling lights are finally in; they aren't turned on, but look like it in this photo because their housings are white, and reflect the camera's flash strongly. The small black retangle at the top left is the planetarium projector mount. The cut-out rectangle on the column at the far right will house a surround speaker.

meaning: fat, big
太子 == taishi == prince
太陽 == taiyou == sun
The stroke within the main radical used to be 'two' (二), which was itself a simplification of a second 'big' (大) character, i.e., 'big' doubled. for emphasis. Thus, 'very big'. Henshall suggests taking the extra stroke as a 'bit', for the mnemonic: 'Fat is a bit more than big.'


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