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Virtuous eggs

I re-watched the anime music video I did a few weeks ago. Sigh. It sucks, doesn't it? I was really enthusiastic going into that project, I even felt pretty good doing it, although I realized it wasn't perfect. Now I watch it and it just seems to lag. It doesn't ... click. Or something. The rhythm is off.

Horace (I think) once said that every writer should put what he's written away for seven years, and then re-assess it and decide whether it's any good or not. Seven years seems a bit much... but it's true that an interval of time gives you a better perspective on the value of what you've done.

I was in the supermarket the other day, and ran across free range eggs: "Nature's Design" organic eggs. "No animal fat in feed; chickens roam free in barns; fed pure grains without the use of antibiotics; organic feed free of pesticides and herbicides."

I bought them. They cost more than double what ordinary eggs cost, which are doubtless produced by hens kept in shackles, fed Cheetos, and subjected to hectoring lectures on French post-structuralism.

I haven't actually eaten any yet. I mean, the idea of buying these wonderful pure eggs is nice, and all, but are they really worth US$3.49 a dozen?

meaning: bamboo
竹田 == Takeda == family name
竹下 == Takeshita == family name
Apparently originally represented stems of dwarf bamboo with spikey leaves. Henshall suggests the mnemonic:  'Two bamboo stems'


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