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Home theater progress. This photo looks towards the back. Ceiling and pine firring to support fabric and moldings have been primed. Metal pins to support sound-suppressing batting behind fabric wall covering have been applied to all the walls (and boy, does the glue that holds them on stink until it dries). All but one of the colunns have been roughed in. Today they're installing the heat pump on its concrete slab outside, and making an ungodly noise drilling through the slab. The heat pump will run the unit being protected from paint drips under black plastic on the back wall. It provides heating and cooling. The blue dangly thing to the left of center is the RBG cable for the projector, also wrapped to protect from paint drips.



meaning: thought, concern
念力 == nenriki == will
念入り な == neniri na == careful
Bottom radical is 'heart/feelings' (心), top is 'now' (今), used  in its early sense of 'cover/hide', and also phonetically expressing 'firmly possess'. Thus, 'something hidden and firmly possessed in the heart'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Have thoughts in heart even now.'


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