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The Think Tank Gap

THE Democrats are trying to close the Think Tank Gap.

As a libertarian-oid Reluctant Republican®, I approve of this idea. Good can come of it. One of the things that turns me off towards the Democrats is that they don't seem to have any ideas that aren't 40 years old or haven't been tried and failed disastrously (see: welfare reform). For the past two decades, the Democratic Party has often seemed little more than a coalition of special interest groups, all trying to feed off the taxbase. The Democrats have often criticized the Republicans, sometimes gone along with them, but haven't really seemed to stand for anything, except that they're not Republicans. They've been a party of opposition, a party of partisanship, playing a mainly defensive game. They've been getting increasingly frustrated, and the rhetoric I've been hearing from them lately has been getting increasingly shrill.

Hint: Democrats, you might take a long, hard look at the War on Plants Drugs. It sucks. It doesn't work. It's expensive. It has racist elements. The Republicans haven't taken the lead on this issue yet, and they're hobbled by their base. Democrats, no one owns this issue yet, go for it! Another suggestion: we need new intellectual property ideas, that are fair both to creators and users. The Democratic party is more the pawn of the RIAA, the MPAA, and Hollywood than the Republicans. A re-thinking of IP law is something those think tanks of yours could do.

I'm certainly not happy with everything the Republicans do (that's the 'Reluctant' part), and it would be healthy for them to have better quality opposition, an opposing party that actually had ideas of its own, beyond preserving the status quo. No, it's not the Greens, who seem to me to be chiefly a religious party, sort of like the Prohibition Party or the Right to Life Party. It's not the Reform Party, which completely melted down in the last election. 

My god, if the Democrats actually come up with some ideas, I might be able to vote for them once in a while.

link via MaxSpeak. Want an intelligent and interesting left-wing blog? Try Max Sawicky's MaxSpeak. His motto: MaxSpeak, you listen!

Home theater progress. Speaker supports have been added to the front screenwall and its elements have been painted black. The tan tall object on right is a pilaster. There are six of these in the room. Two help conceal surround speakers, two provide space for rear speakers if I ever decide to add those, and two are decorative. The second photo is facing the rear. The platform on which the rear seats will sit has been built. The gadget high on the rear wall is part of an HVAC unit. HT equipment, especially projectors, typically throw off a lot of heat. The lighted opening to the right will hold an equipment rack.

meaning: loom, device, occasion
コピー機 == kopi-ki == copy machine
機織り == hataori == weaving
Left radical is 'wood' (木), right is 'how many' (幾), which originally meant 'loom'. Thus, 'wooden loom', now used to mean any mechanical device. Henshall suggests the mnemonic: 'On how many occasions is a wooden loom used?'


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