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The season of unhealthful eating

Halloween blowback at my place of work. Yes, we ate most of it before the night was over. There's just something about 3 am and peanut M&Ms that goes together. Mmmmm....

This is really bad, folks. And we're just entering the holiday eating season, when high calorie/high fat foods are going to start pouring into the ER. This is the season in which the Western peoples celebrate the human incarnation of their god by consuming large amounts of unhealthy food and gaining heroic amounts of weight. We're lucky if none of our staff have heart attacks by January 1st.

I really think that America's problem with overweight could be solved (at least partly) by doing away with some holidays. It's the holidays that are the killer, especially those at the end of the year, when you get Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years coming at you relentlessly.

Home theater progress. Sheetrock spackled, and screenwall framed. The screen will fit over the central opening. Front and center speakers and subwoofer will live behind the screenwall, which will be covered with black fabric.

i(ru), kaname
meaning: need, vital, pivot
不必要 == fuhitsuyou == unnecessary
重要 == juuyou == important
Originally a pictogram showing hands holding in a waist, which apparently indicated things like 'vital' and 'pivot'. The bottom radical is 'woman' (女). Henshall suggests taking the top radical as 'west' (西), and as a mnemonic:  'Every western has vital need for woman in it.'


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