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THIS has got to be the most... unusual image I've seen in a while: Hello Kitty cosplaying as Gene Simmons (in Hell?), painted on a casting of a nude female torso. All for a good cause. [not really safe for work]

Planetarium Home theater progress. Sheetrock is up. The dangly stuff is wire, either 12-guage speaker wire, coax for the subwoofer, or Cat5 for the infrared repeater. The stuff at top left is partly Cat5 and partly RGBHV cable for the projector. The opening at the right is a sliding panel, that lowers to send the room into darkness, and rises to give a panoramic view of the campus.

ha(te), ha(tasu)
meaning: fruit, result, carry out
成果 == seika == result
世界の果て == sekai no hate == the ends of the Earth
Originally a pictogram of fruit on a 'tree' (木). Early on, the glyph for 'fruit' was replaced by the one that eventually became 'rice field' (田). As in English, 'fruit' came to metaphorically mean 'result', and 'end' in a broader sense. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Tree, like field, produces fruitful results.'


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