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SWITCH to the Dark side:

    "My name is Anakin Skywalker, and I'm a Sith Lord."

I should know better than to make a recipe for mac and cheese that includes onions, garlic, and mustard. I like 'em all. But that's not mac and cheese. It has too much of the quiche-nature. It's way too continental.


meaning: marriage
婚約 == konyaku == engagement
新婚夫婦 == shinkonfuufu == newlyweds
Origin obscure. Left radical is 'woman' (女), right is a Non-General Use character comprised of 'sun' (日) and 'ladle' (氏). This radical may be used phonetically to mean 'root', which was a euphemism for the penis; together with the 'woman' radical, this indicates consummation of the marriage. Henshall, being more delicate, takes the upper right radical in its contemporary meaning of 'mister', to yield the mnemonic: :  'Woman marries mister, with sun sinking below.'
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