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Printer moribund

MY printer has started making abnormal noises. ¬.¬ You know how laser printers exercise their print engines now and then when they're not being actively used? Well, mine has started making grinding noises when it does it. This cannot augur well.

The stupid printer is about ten years old. It's a Laserjet III. Its print engine died a year or so ago, and I had it fixed, which was probably a dumb idea. Cost around $200, for which I could have gotten another printer. Now, I don't know whether to replace the ink cartridge (costs almost US$100) or just buy a new printer.

And if I get a new printer, do I get inkjet (low initial cost, high consumable costs), or a laser (higher initial cost, lower consumable cost)? I don't print all that much; I should probably not worry about consumable costs that much. I have no real use for color. It would be nice to get a multifunction inkjet with a built-in flatbed scanner. My scanner is getting old, too. When I built my current PC and installed Win2K on it, I had a devil of a time finding drivers for the scanner. It works, but I'm sure that if I ever change the OS, there will be no drivers for it. And it's the only thing in the PC that needs a SCSI card. Fewer cards/fewer IRQ's == good.

Let me think about this some more. Meanwhile, the printer continues to make grinding noises every few hours.  ¬.¬

Home theater progressing.

meaning: door
戸外 == kogai == outdoor
戸主 == koshu == head of house
From a pictograph of a door; one half of  'door/gate' (門). Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'One door forms half a gate.'


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