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Arrest all dogs!

YOU can't make this stuff up, Dept.:

Iranian cleric calls for the arrest of dogs:

A conservative Iranian cleric has denounced the "moral depravity" of owning a dog, and called for the arrest of all dogs and their owners.

Dogs are considered unclean in Islamic law and the spread of dog ownership in Westernised secular circles in Iran is frowned upon by the religious establishment.

"I demand the judiciary arrest all dogs with long, medium or short legs - together with their long-legged owners," Hojatolislam Hassani is quoted as saying in the reformist Etemad newspaper.

"Otherwise I'll do it myself," said the outspoken cleric, who leads Friday prayers in the north-western city of Urumiyeh.

Note that this actually affects mostly long-legged and medium-legged dogs. Short-legged dogs were already arrested last year. Maybe they couldn't run away as fast? [insert Monty Python 'man with five legs/he ran away' joke] I don't know about you, but I'm having mental images of guys in flowing robes chasing dogs all over Tehran, something like the 'Stray Dog Strut' episode in Cowboy Bebop.

The article has a picture of a Dachshund. I had a Dachshund, once. She was very sweet. Her name was Dworkin. She was named after a wizard in Zelazny's 'Amber' series. When the cats brought dead mouse kills to the back door, she would steal them, run down to the end of the garden, and eat them. We worried about this the first time it happened, but our vet assured us that it was harmless, and that Dachshunds were actually used as mousers in the Old Country. Cool.

But arresting dogs! I mean, Dubya is right, Iran has got to be part of the Axis of Evil. How could someone who wasn't Evil think that owning a dog was 'corrupt'?

Except for Shih Tsu's, of course. Which are contrary to the values of South Carolina.

meaning: God, spirit
女神 == megami == goddess
神父 == shinpu == priest
Left radical is the radical form of  'altar', and right is 'say' (申), which was originally a pictograph of a lightning bolt, and lightning has been associated in many cultures with the gods. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic::  'Gods say something spirited at altar.'


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