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Ed Book

edbook appeared on my friends list a while back, and I've been enjoying his LJ entries a lot. Ed's a photographer, and takes nature photographs that simply amaze me. He has his work up on a website, but also posts it frequently to his journal. Take a look. You will be very pleased, and I'll bet you will want to add him to your friends list as well.

meaning: blue, green, young
青い鳥 == aoitore == bluebird
青図 == aozu == blueprint
The top radical is a simplified version of 'growing plant/life' (生), bottom radical is a version of a Non-General Use character, depicting a well cover; this character seems to have originally depicted the lush growth of plants in the vicinity of the moisture from a well. Henshall suggests taking the bottom radical as 'moon' (月), and as a mnemonic: 'Young blue-green plants grow on the moon.'


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