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Do you want to install and run...?

THERE is a worm-like entity making the e-mail rounds called 'Friend Greetings'. If you visit their website,, (inaccessible at the moment, but trust me, you don't want to go there) you will be asked to load their software:


If you do, Friend Greetings will send an e-card to everyone in your Outlook/Outlook Express address book, inviting them to visit the website and do the same. And thus the worm spreads.

Now, in order to enable this beastie, you have to assent to the EULA, which spells out clearly what FriendGreetings does. Too many people don't read their EULA before clicking 'yes'. But you know, even before getting to the EULA, you have to click the box above.

Why do people do this? Not just this noxious little e-vermin, but all the other crap that pops up when you happen to hit a sleazy web page, like  Gator and Comet Cursor? Why do people allow this stuff on their PC's, just because some unknown company asks them? Why, oh why?

I mean, if you were out for an evening drinking and dancing, and you met into a guy who, as soon as you started talking to him, popped up this, what would do what it suggested?

I mean, would you? Sheesh. Why do people do stuff on the net they would never, ever dream of doing in real life?

(Unless, of course, you randomly pick up people and let them fuck you, in which case, never mind, carry on. But don't be surprised if they mail your address and phone number to everyone else in town.)

hoso(i), koma(kai)
meaning: slender, fine, detailed
細工 == saiku == craftsmanship
細長い == hosonagai == slender
Left radical is 'thread', (糸), and right was originally 'brain' (a pictograph showing the brain's gyri and sulci), not 'field'; however 'field' is useful mnemonic:  'Slender path threads through field.'


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