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Do cyborg rats sleep on nests of electrical wires?

I'VE finished my music video, and wasted the morning trying to figure out how to make it accessible on my webspace, which I hadn't used, lo, these many months. Hrm. What are these 'file permissions' you speak of? I come from the Land of DOS, there is no tradition in my country of such things. I find them strange, unnatural, and an affront to the gods. Still, when in Unix, do as the eunuchs do, as they say, so I will learn.

Elsewhere in the news, my electrician spent the morning making little mewling sounds of terror as he dragged out of my walls the most godawful mess of do-it-yourself telephone wiring you can imagine. We're talking rat's nest, here. Cyborg rats. The stuff Lain sleeps on in the ED. In my walls.

meaning: garden, courtyard
家庭 == katei == household
庭園 == teien == garden
Left/upper radical is 'large building', indicating a palace. Right/inner radical is 'court' (廷). Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'Palace courtyard is fine garden.'


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