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GOOGLISM: what Google thinks of you.

What Google thinks of me:

john is dead
john is miss anguilla 2002/
john is a painter" words and music by jr ransom
john is worth whatever nottingham forest wants to pay;
john is tackled by france's damien
john is a big kid
john is almost spot on
john is right
john is hot
john is sweeping
john is not the godfather
john is 74
john is new europe
john is here
john is easy to please
john is almost certain he's not a woman
john is around
john is town centre ambassador
john is re­invending the idea of art auctions
john is arrogant
john is the bomb
john is officially the most
john is clueless
john is first up
john is reading your mind
john is not mean
john is crazy
john is named britain's highest paid music player
john is long gone
john is amazing
john is alive
john is caught up
john is miss anguilla 2002/2003
john is going to share memories of an event that made his emo heart glad
john is a painter
john is tackled by france's damien traille
john is indictable and convictable for treason
john is a joke
john is gone
john is president of john rude & associates
john is not really dull
john is a licensed professional engineer and land surveyor
john is going to trial
john is singing
john is a good fairy
john is married to actress marnie mosiman
john is almost 100 percent certain he wasn't a woman yesterday
john is a small village nestled along the northumberland strait
john is re­invending the idea of art auctions alice whitehead at one time you would only expect chocolate bars and cans of coke to pop out of a
john is the county seat of stafford
john is so tasty you could just eat him up
john is the casually late one
john is carving
john is king
john is person treat sick 'john is a doctor
john is awesome
john is officially the most boring man on earth
john is a neighborly community without a large bureaucracy
john is a genuine letter written by "the elder" to a highly wealthy and influential believer named gaius
john is clueless punk rock records/telephone company of preview
john is one of new york's winningest handicappers?
john is clueless goto page 1
john is now reading your mind
john is an even freer edition of earlier gospels
john is this for real? this response submitted by on 6/17/98
john is not mean
john is a very good boy
john is walking on the straight coastline with a constant speed 1 m/s
john is believed to frequently be rudely criticizing bill
john is named britain's highest paid music player by alexa williamson livedaily staff writer

Why is Google repeatedly questioning my sexual identity? It's obsessed with my being Miss Anguilla in 2002 and 2003. 

shira(beru), totono(eru)
meaning: adjust, investigate, tone, tune
楽調 == gakuchou == musical tone
調べる == shiraberu == to investigate
Left radical is 'words/speak' (言), right radical is 'around' (周). Original maning was 'discuss comprehensively', which led to 'examine', 'adjust', and from 'adjust' to 'tune'. Henshall suggests  as a mnemonic:  'Investigate by talking around.'


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